Where in the heck do I get my 2-pound chihuahua clothes? One of the easiest places to find clothes is perhaps a dog subscription box. Tiny Tails Box is the only dog subscription box that provides a new outfit every month. The problem with finding small clothes for the toy breed dogs is the retail stores will only carry a couple of sizes in each style. Does this sound familiar? You would find the cutest outfit only to find out that the size you needed for your small dog was already sold out. The nice part of ordering a subscription box such as Tiny Tails Box is that you will get a new addition every month to your pup’s wardrobe. The box also includes toys and treats, this is a bonus. There is an element of surprise each month with a subscription box as well.

Some people question whether they should even dress the dog. I believe that each dog is different. You should let your pup decide if clothes are for them. Some do not tolerate wearing clothes. As long as you are gentle while dressing them, they should tolerate this just fine. It’s always best to choose something a little oversized. When dressing them it is easier. You want to start by putting the shirt over the neck first and then the legs second. Some dogs will be more tolerant than others.

There are many types of clothes in the market. One of the best articles of clothing to start within the beginning would be a simple stretchy t-shirt. Another beginning item could possibly be a sweater depending on the weather and the time of year. T-shirts and light dresses are best for the summer. You would not want to overheat your dog in the summer heat by dressing them too warm. In the winter and colder months of the year, sweaters, hoodies, and coats are a great choice as well.

Dog fashion has definitely evolved over the years to now include many specialty items as well. If your dog is extremely fussy and is intolerant of wearing clothes then try a fashion harness. you can always check out the many different harnesses available. There are many fun colors, patterns, and styles available. We have included harnesses a lot of times in the Tiny Tails Box as the fashion item for the month. Many customers and dogs alike love going with this option. The designer harness provides a functional piece of fashion that is not only cute but useful. This is a way to keep your pup looking sharp but not making them too uncomfortable with clothes.

I know that when you own your very first small or toy breed dog it is only natural to want them to look their very best. Sometimes the pup may not be onboard. Another way to introduce fashion to your new pup is by various bandanas. This is a very trendy look but less cumbersome for the dog. This still allows for a fashion statement but without the feeling of being too trapped in an outfit. This may be a way to initially introduce your new pup into the fashion scene. Bandanas come in various patterns and styles so you and your pup will be able to make a statement with a colorful bandana.

Be sure to fit them properly in any form of fashion wear that you chose. They can get their legs hung up on shirts and collars if they are not fit properly. The clothing needs to be snug enough so when they are walking they do not get hung up with their legs. Always monitor your dog when you introduce them to a new piece of wardrobe and make sure that they are not rubbing too tightly in the underarms and that they are able to move freely in the clothing. Watch for the body language as well. It may take a few minutes for the clothes for them to get adjusted to the clothing as they move, walk, and run in their new outfit. There are so many choices on the market today for clothing for dogs and fashion for dogs.

Small dog clothes are especially hard to find in your local pet stores so it might be worth giving Tiny Tails Box a try. Each month Tiny Tails Box will store your dog’s size and dimensions in the subscription and you will always get the correct size for your dog.

Tiny Tails Box sources the best fashion and clothing for small dogs especially. Every box will always have just the right size for your chihuahua, poodle, or Yorkie. Other dogs that also wear clothes are the pomeranian, Maltese, Chinese Crested. Some of the toy breeds don’t have a lot of hair so it is important to keep them warm especially in the winter and cooler months. This makes potty breaks more comfortable. Fashion and small dogs just go together. Tiny Tails Box is a subscription box that specializes in items just for small dogs. This dog subscription box also helps with all toy breed dogs and tiny dogs. Tiny Tails provides a customized subscription and curates this box each month just for your small dog and tiny dog, and toy breed dog.