Favorite Small Dog Toys

Dog Subscription Box Jack Russell dressed up as a ladybug on white background

Tiny Tails Box provides small dog toys in the best small dog subscription box for the little dogs. Toys have to fit certain criteria to make the cut. Size and safety are both considered when we select the toys for each month.
Plush toys are a beautiful thing, but choosing the right one for the puppy can be a minefield. Best suited for puppies of small breeds, these small toys are light and easy to carry. The cutest puppy toy is not the best for the smallest dog, nor is it the most expensive. Small plush toys are great though because they are easy to carry for smaller dogs. A lot of plush toys no come without filling. Sometimes this is a great choice for dogs who may be a little aggressive with toys. It is especially the case for toys with the squeakers.
The mini Sqwuggie by Katie Bumpers makes your little dog squeak. The Sqwuggie is a small chewing toy that allows you to play tug-of-war while giving your pup the benefit of a squeak. This is an interactive toy for you and your pup. It was designed for small mouths.
Of course, the Sqwuggies are a great toy for small dogs who like to chew and play tug of war. Small dog owners like this toy and so does the dogs. It has a light filling that makes it easy for your little dog or puppy to carry around in its tiny mouth.
This toy is also durable. For those reasons, it is one of their puppy’s most popular toys in a dog subscription box. It could be the size alone that makes this one a favorite.
Chihuahuas are a small breed of dog, this toy should be able to withstand a fair amount of playful activity. You should always observe and keep a watchful eye when your dog is playing with toys. Some toys could cause choking hazards. If toys have small parts such as eyes, ears or mouthparts then don’t allow your puppy to have these types of toys.  Chihuahua’s are perfect for our Tiny Tails Box dog subscription box.  This is a monthly dog subscription box best for small dogs.
If you’re curious about this toy, check out Petdays Chewing Toy for Teeth Cleaning. The animal stages “teeth cleaning” and “chewing toys” are among the cheapest dog toys. They are very beneficial to your dogs dental health as well.
It’s not as loud as other toys if your dog chews on it or drops it on the hardwood floor, but it can be a treat. This is made to delight your puppy, so it is a great toy for the first months of life and can even be treated with treats.
The bottom line is that your dog will not get bored because he will play with a different dog toy every time. If you have a dog that likes to play with balls, you won’t run out of play options for your small to medium-sized dog. Nylabone does tricks, but it’s not as funny as a ball, so you have to make your dog love it.
If you have a dog who loves soft toys and gets a little carried away, then this is the right choice for him. You can’t do anything wrong with any of these dog toy options as long as you keep your dog’s preferences in mind. If you are looking for ideas to present dog and pet parents with gifts, have a look at our dog gift guide.
Giving your puppy its first toy is a great way to celebrate a birthday. It’s important to make it memorable. It does not have to be a birthday to receive its first toys. All dogs and puppies need different toys to fight boredom as well. This keeps their frustration levels down when you are away. Toys also give them an outlet to chew on. Chewing is a natural activity for dogs.
While there are many durable and fun toys to choose from, there is no shortage of toys to meet your new dog’s desire to chew and play. If you need a fun option for your puppy that doesn’t cost much, look no further than an affordable squeaky ball.
It is almost impossible to find a toy small enough for the tiny dogs.  Usually, the toys are too bulky for a small or toy breed dog.   Bulky and heavy toys cannot even be carried or picked up by a smaller dog.  For this reason, any toy you buy for him should be small enough to carry around easily. Something that is durable and small would be ideal.  If your dog has dental issues or missing teeth then keep this in mind as well when searching for suitable toys for the aging small dog.  At Tiny Tails Box, we custom fit your dog to the appropriate toys and treats so each box you get will be a match to your dogs needs.
It goes without saying that any toy you put in your pocket must be durable, but lugging oversized toys home is not the best option for small dog owners.  Tiny puppies quickly look for something more fun, and a device like a throwing ball increases the distance your dog must run to get to the toy.
To make the toy more attractive, you can fill it with kibbles or treats, and a hard rubber toy ends up with a hollow hole. A hard toy with a hole in it, like a rubber ball (there are a few examples), is a good chewing toy, but it is not as durable as an oversized toy.
Note that a large dog with strong chewing gum can easily destroy the toy, and tearing off a piece can pose a choking hazard to your pet.  Always keep an eye out for this and remove any toys that have been damaged or pieces that have been torn apart.  This could be a potential choking hazard.
Providing a suitable chewing toy ensures that your puppy will not develop bad habits. The puppy does not have to resort to finding its own object to chew. Chewing is also a great form of mental stimulation. Chewing on the natural cotton material will clean the puppy’s teeth. The quality of the rope in the toy will relieve him of his need to chew and withstand those tiny teeth. While the different textures can be a great stimulating activity as well.
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